Monday, February 22nd – Tuesday, March 9th
Moody’s will be CLOSED for a renovation to one of our prep kitchens as well as a deep clean to the diner.

We will reopen on Wednesday, March 10th at 7 am.
Thank you for your patience and understanding. We look forward to serving you!

Dan Beck -- President/GM -- Moody’s Diner
Current unpredictable delivery times of whoopie pies and donuts has caused us to suspend sale of these products through the online store. Also, online sales of donuts and whoopie pies will be suspended during diner renovation. Sale of Gift Cards is still available through the online store. Check back after March 10th for status on shipping food products.

Moody Travelers

In 1989, Neila and Mark Brownstein sent us pictures of themselves standing in front of the Pyramid of Chefron in Giza, Egypt, Mark debonairly attired in a Moody's Diner T-shirt. Mark wrote that a man approached him, saying, "Excuse me, but I have to introduce myself to anyone wearing a Moody's Diner T-shirt in Egypt." No doubt the man wanted to be associated with people of the Brownsteins' obvious good taste.

We thought the photo was fun and published it in the original edition of our cookbook. Apparently lots of other folks thought it was fun too, as we started receiving vacation photos of customers clad in Moody's Dinerware all around the world. *

We display these photos on the walls of the Diner!

If you are planning a vacation, be sure to pack your Moody's Diner T-shirt and snap a selfie wearing it while on your travels! Send your photos to our staff to be added to our Diner wall.

(* excerpt taken from What's Cooking at Moody's Diner by Nancy Moody Genthner)

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