COVID-19 Update. Moody's Diner reopen date is yet to be determined.
We will update regularly on our website and Facebook page.
Reservations can still be placed for Moody's Motel and Cabins for this summer.
Be wise, stay calm, protect yourself and others during these uncertain days.
May God Bless You!

Digital Delights

Photo galleries are usually one of the most popular parts of any website, and if you are also one to enjoy pictures and digital recordings, then you are sure to enjoy this collection that encompasses the Moody mystique.

Here at Moody's Diner, Motel, and Gifts we have history, current events, and travelers. A number of years ago, people visiting well-known places around the world began sending us pictures of themselves wearing Moody's Diner-related T-shirts and sweatshirts. Many of these photos have been placed on the walls of Moody's Diner!

Enjoy now, and come back often for updates!

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